06-12 -2024
10 Ideas for Kitchen Countertop Organization

Kitchen countertops see it all: meal prep, midnight snacks, holiday party buffets, coffee-making stations, and that small kitchen appliance that you haven't given up on… yet. Needless to say, it can be hard to keep kitchen countertops clutter-free and well-organized without the right tools. Savvy countertop organization techniques make it super easy to find specific ingredients and cooking tools while also opening up more counter space for you to use.

06-10 -2024
Iron Houseware in Southeast Asia Market

A delegation of customers from large chain stores in Malaysia visited our factory for field investigation. This visit is not only a comprehensive inspection of our factory's production capacity and product quality, but also an in-depth discussion on the development prospect of iron household products in Southeast Asia market, as well as an important opportunity to seek for mutual cooperation and realize win-win situation.

06-05 -2024
American customers visit our factory to explore the future development of high-end hotel bathroom storage products

We were honored to welcome our valued customers from the United States, who showed great interest in our factory's equipment and processes, product showroom and special product finishes. During the visit, we showed our customers the production process, advanced equipment, and unique concepts and processes for high-grade bathroom storage products. Customers put forward valuable comments and suggestions, and jointly discussed the direction of new product development, aiming to further deepen the cooperation and bring high-end bathroom shower caddy with strong anti-rust ability and powder coating treatment to the hotel industry.

06-03 -2024
Our company meets SA8000 annual audit, home kitchen storage products are attracting attention.

This month, our company ushered in the annual audit of SA8000 social responsibility certification. The audit passed successfully.

05-27 -2024

With the fast-paced development of modern life, the need for home storage products is becoming more and more urgent. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new wire with twine collection, which is designed to provide practical and beautiful storage solutions for your home. Combining high quality wire materials with natural twine, our line will add a chic design and neat organization to your living space. Today, we especially introduce the innovative application in Table Top area to bring you more storage inspirations.

05-14 -2024
Guardian of Bread--Professional Bread Box for Your Home

In every corner of Europe and America, bread is the protagonist of the table, the favorite of taste buds, and an indispensable part of life. However, how to make this fresh and delicious lasting, has become a problem that every family needs to face. Now, with our professional bread box, this will be a breeze.

05-13 -2024
Iron home New Products: the Beauty of Details, the Heart of the Choice

As modern home design concepts continue to evolve and our expectations for home furnishings continue to escalate, FOSHAN EVER RISING releases the new iron home furnishings ---- “Heartbeat” series. With its unique design style, excellent quality and practical functions, this series of products will add a unique charm to your home life.

05-10 -2024
Embrace Mother's Day with Stylish and Functional iron wire household

As Mother's Day approaches, it's a time to honor the indomitable spirit and enduring love of mothers worldwide. To celebrate this special day, why not gift your mother with a touch of elegance and durability — a piece of iron wire household product that will stand the test of time.

05-08 -2024
Children's room storage & organizing tips

Friends with children at home must want their babies to have a clean and tidy children's room. Compared with picking up toys and debris day after day, the children's room storage planning work is more important, if the various storage areas do scientific and reasonable planning, then daily maintenance is relatively easy!

05-01 -2024
May Day Labor Day: Our company recognizes employees' hard work and launches innovative kitchen storage products

On the occasion of May Day, we, as a foreign trade company, through a series of initiatives, not only launched new innovative kitchen storage products, but also specially arranged activities to thank employees for their hard work, showing the company's respect and recognition of the fruits of their labor.

05-02 -2024
Multi-functional Iron Kitchen Storage Pull-out Baskets Lead the New Home Fashion

The Spring Canton Fair 2024 has already started, among so many household items, the multi-functional iron kitchen storage pull-out basket product has become a highlight of the exhibition with its unique design features and functional advantages.

04-11 -2024
Canton Fair is just around the corner! Check out this guide to the "144-hour visa-free transit policy"!

The 135th Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5.Preliminary statisticshas been from 215 countries and regions 93,000 buyers from 215 countries and regions have registered to attend the fair.In order to help the majority of travelers Understand the "144-hour visa-free transit policy"Baiyun Border Inspection has sent us a guide to the key points of the policy.

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