06-07 -2024
Iron Home storage trends: Perfect Blend of Simplicity, Practicality and Beauty

With the improvement of the quality of life and the updating of home design concepts, iron home storage products have gradually become an important part of the modern home style due to its simplicity and fashion, practicality, decorative, as well as durable and stable features.

05-29 -2024
THG's surging business leads the way in the UK market!

The Home Group (THG), the UK home furnishing retail group。In the first quarter of 2024 achieving strong sales growth.The company said this was due to "excellent performance" in its beauty category, the company said.

05-23 -2024
Housewares Design Trend Cycle

The design of home furnishings is ever-changing and constantly evolving. After decades of looking back at the entire design trend, it all revolves around the premise of suitability for human use, the pursuit of increasingly simple appearance, visual impact of the colours are the main focus. However, despite the continuous attempts to innovate, they still contain some of the design elements of previous products, alternating the old with the new, and impacting the stereotypical design concepts.

05-21 -2024
Summarize and experience of participating in the Canton Fair

The 135th Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion. As a supplier of metal houseware products, we fully demonstrated our company's strength and innovative products. During the exhibition, we have established in-depth communication with many foreign businessmen, and our products have been widely recognized and concerned by them. This exhibition not only made us realize the great potential of the metal houseware market, but also made us deeply appreciate the fierce competition in the international market. We learned how to grasp the market demand more accurately, enhance the product packaging and display, and strengthen the long-term cooperative relationship with customers. Looking ahead, we will continue to innovate and improve the quality of our products and services, and look forward to another successful show at the next Canton Fair.

05-20 -2024
U.S. self-branded sales grew 6% to $217 billion last year as consumer interest continues to grow

U.S. self-branded sales grew 6% to $217 billion last year as consumer interest continues to grow

05-16 -2024
Cross-border e-commerce 2024 The big variable!

A small research data shows that 60% of sellers said their 2023 revenue declined from the previous year, and some even halved their revenue.

05-07 -2024
Fer successfully passed the AEO advanced certification customs inspection, foreign trade business into a new stage

Recently, our company has welcomed a strict inspection by the Customs for the advanced certification of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator).

05-06 -2024
A New Trend in Company Reunion: Wenhua Park Hiking Challenge Leads to a Fever

Company employees went hiking in Wenhua Park and took photos to hit the mark!The activity attracted the enthusiastic participation of many employees, who were divided into two groups to take photos of the famous spots in the park to record this unforgettable team journey.

04-24 -2024
Introduction to Umbrella Stands

Umbrella stands are indispensable household accessories that offer both practical utility and decorative enhancement. From their historical significance to modern-day usage, they play a vital role in maintaining organization, cleanliness, and style in interior spaces.

04-22 -2024
Great Use Of Sponge Holder

As a multi-functional home furnishing, sponge shelves have high practical value in terms of storage, decoration, environmental protection and personalization. Through the rational use of these wonderful sponge shelves, we can make home life more organized, comfortable and beautiful.

04-17 -2024
Do you like our classic fruit basket design?

We are a leader in the home furnishing industry, once a big market hit with our mesh baskets, featuring sky-high design concepts and unparalleled customer experience, but in an effort to out-do ourselves, our design team has once again broken through with a brand new metal fruit basket designed with minimalist iron wires.

04-19 -2024
Notice on Offline Participation of Domestic Buyers in the 135th Canton Fair Fer House

The 135th Canton Fair Offline Exhibition will open on April 15, 2024, and qualified domestic buyers can apply for offline participation from now on.

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