3 Tier Stackable Metal Wire Storage Baskets With Wheels

3 tier storage baskets can be used in kitchen and home storage, it has high-capacity for storaging such as vegetables, fruits and other various household goods. You can put different kinds of things in different tier, to make out classified storage.

It is stackable metal wire storage baskets with wheels, baskets can be knocked down and easy to assemble without extra screws, it can help saving space for delivery. You can put the baskets everywhere in the house by wheels, it can move fast.

We also have different baskets in different layers in same series, you can prefer 3 tier storage baskets, 4 tiers or 5 tiers according to your need.

The L-Shaped Corner Kitchen Storage Rack

The L-shaped corner rack is designed for use in corner locations to maximize the use of corner space. The metal conner rack can make home products well organized and categorized.

The L-shaped corner rack have two and three layer options, storage capacity increases with more layers. You can use the storage rack in the kitchen, bathroom or other living room.

We can offer different accessories according to your needs, such as utensil holders, knife racks, hooks, etc., so that the kitchen storage rack can be more suitable for kitchen storage.

Adjustable Large Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack

Over the sink dish drying rack is not only for dish, but a large capacity product that can store numbers of dishes, knives, cups, cutting boards, utensils and other kitchen sundries at the same time, for draining the moisture left by them after use.

With our instruction manual, you will easily assemble the adjustable large rack well, and we can also provide installation videos for your reference.

Dish drying rack is available in various versions, you can equip them with different accessories according to your needs, just put them on the main shelf and you can use the product.

3-Tier Detachable Tabletop Buffet Organizer

3-tier tabletop buffet organizer offers a good solution for kitchen storage. Utensils, plates and napkins can be sorted well and arranged in an orderly manner.

Detachable tabletop buffet caddy is designed to be knocked down with small box packing, each part fits into the right place, which can be taken easily here and there, also for transportation convenience.

Tabletop organizer is with a stable structure and a suitable height for our reaching the tools and napkins on the table, can hold strongly with the tools and plates.

Metal Steel Pot Lid Rack Holder For Utensils

The Pot lid rack holder can hold both lids and kitchen utensils, so you can always get the tools you want during the cooking process.

The unique design of the metal steel rack allows for more capacity in a limited space without damaging the pod lid and utensils.

The pot lid rack holder is small and light, very easy to hold and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

Kitchen products are designed to be prctical and portable, which is perfectly reflected on this metal steel pot lid rack holder for untensil.

Kitchen Countertop Spatula Rack And Pot Cover Rack

The upper part of the kitchen countertop spatula rack is used for pot cover storage, and the bottom is made out a basket to store other kitchen sundries.

Pot cover rack is with groove desgin, can hold the top plastic handle of the pot cover, allows you to access the items you need easily.

Kitchen countertop spatula rack is equipped with a plastic tray to store the dripping water of the supplies, and you can easily pull out the plastic tray to pour out the water inside after the lid or other kitchen tools get dry.

Black Metal Cooking Utensils Holder

Cooking utensils holder is a simple product for holding various kitchen cooking and baking tools such as spaghetti sever, soup ladle, flipper spatula and whisk, etc. Utensils Rack can hold 6 tools, 3 pcs for each side in front and back.

Kitchen countertop tools stand is designed in mainly square shape, which forming a handle on the top for easy carrying. Simple in Design.

Utensils in the kitchen can be sorted well and easily identified by using the pot and spoon rack by hanging with the 6 hooks.

Stackable Kitchen Storage Shelf Rack

Kitchen storage shelf consists of stainless steel tubes and plastic layers, which can prevent getting rust effectively in the kitchen environment . There are three layers that can be used with a large capacity.

Stackable kitchen storage rack is lightweight and easy to install, you just need to insert the plastic layer shelf to the hole in the tubes, there is no screws for links.

The volume is small after disassembly for the stackable rack, box packaging can prevent parts lost, also save space and freight cost.

Small Kitchen Plate Holder

The structure of the small kitchen plate holder is simple and can be used to place 5 plates. Besides, you can also use the kitchen holder as a toast rack on the table.

Kitchen plate holer can be used together with other kitchen storage products in the same series to organize kitchen tools and other supplies well.

You can add a wooden handle for carrying function, so that you can lift the small plated rack to anywhere you want.

Over Cabinet Door Hanging Storage Basket

Storage bakset is used to store a variety of kitchen tools and household items by using hooks to hang over the cabinet door. You can hide it inside the cabinet or place it outside of the cabinet door for easy access to the items inside the storage basket at any time.

The small size of the basket over cabinet door is suitable for storing small items, but multiple hanging storage basket can be used in combination to increase the capacity of the purpose.

Over cabinet door hanging storage basket is made as a whole product with installation,you just hang it, then basket can be used.

Hanging Storage Baskets Under Cabinet With Paper Holder

Storage basket is hung under the cabinet, can be used to store a variety of kitchen tools or household miscellaneous items, hang storage basket can be holded on the plywood without any hooks or screws.

The bottom of the basket is equipped with two paper holder for paper rolls, and you can also to hang towels, very convenient to use.

Hanging storage basket under cabinet with paper holder can be hung side-by-side on the plywood of the cabinet without obstructing the opening and closing of the cabinet doors, making good use of the space under the cabinet.

Height-Adjustable Kitchen Organizers Set

Kitchen organizer is a set for combination of kitchen functional products, suitable for the space between the kitchen table and the cabinet. You can adjust according to the height of the space with the telescopic support rod to achieve the purpose for fixing the kitchen organizers set.

The Height adjustable organizer is fully functional and can be used to store a variety of kitchen tools.

Height-adjustable kitchen orgainer set is a disassembled product, easy to assemble, durable and long-lasting.

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