Stackable Kitchen Storage Shelf Rack

Kitchen storage shelf consists of stainless steel tubes and plastic layers, which can prevent getting rust effectively in the kitchen environment . There are three layers that can be used with a large capacity.

Stackable kitchen storage rack is lightweight and easy to install, you just need to insert the plastic layer shelf to the hole in the tubes, there is no screws for links.

The volume is small after disassembly for the stackable rack, box packaging can prevent parts lost, also save space and freight cost.

Metal Stackable Storage Shelf

Storage shelf is applied to kitchen storage, two sides of the bracket can be folded, thickness of the folded shelf is even thinner than a book, which is space-saving.

Metal stackable shelf can be stacked in multiple layers, which can well place different kinds of kitchen supplies. Please try to put the heavier items on the bottom when placing them.

Metal stackable storage shelf doesn't need tools for installation, unfold two sides of the bracket can firmly support the product.

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